Friday, August 14, 2009

Nose to the grindstone and whatever that implies.

Is it worse to be bitchy or boring?

Yesterday was not a good day for me. By the end of the day, I was emotionally spent. I had just had it with everyone and every thing that I came across. What was charming and funny the day before, was annoying and tiring the next day. You ever have one of those days? Days where your cup runneth over? Well mine overflowed and I walked straight from the front door to the bedroom and went to bed.

I fell asleep instantly and was woken up an hour and a half later by my husband asking me what I wanted for dinner. I slept hard and didn't really feel much better after I woke up. I had a headache and I wasn't in a much better mood. I ended up crying to make myself feel better but what I was crying about I couldn't really tell you.

After having a conversation with myself this morning on the pros and cons of calling in sick, I sucked it up and came to work. Vowing to end this week on a high note, easier said than done. I have things to finish and I have promised myself not to complain "out loud" about anything. Days like this come and go like the tide and I just need to ride it out and focus on the positive things, like the fact that today is Friday.

I think I will keep my head down today and stay under the radar by working hard. Shouldn't I really be doing this every day anyway instead of trying to have fun at work?


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chinamommy said...

well if only you were closer, you could come over after work & hang out in "THE ART ROOM" with me! Hope today is better, i find watching infomercials makes me feel happy :)