Sunday, August 2, 2009

A day late and a dollar short

So June over at Bye Bye Pie (still don't know how to insert a link, damn) did a day in the life with photos and encouraged her readers to do the same. I was supposed to do it on Saturday and forgot so I did Sunday instead, what can I say? I apologize now that it wasn't a terribly interesting day, but it was a typical Sunday for us. Shall we?
The day started at 7:30 a.m. with me waking up and realizing Big Red was already gone. Max was right there next to me with his sleepy eyes and Peaches (his ball). Max has been though many toys, I have no idea what happens with some of them. Kirby was his last ball and though we have looked everywhere, we can't find it. I suspect he has buried it somewhere to get another one. He probably sells them to the neighborhood dogs.
First priority, laundry. I hate when I leave clothes in the dryer overnight, wrinkle much? Every time we open the laundry room door, Max rushes in because we keep his treats and leash in here. I think he wanted to go for a walk.

Hold on to your seat folks, it only gets more riveting from here on? DISHES! How much fun are we having now? We have a dishwasher, yet we still manage to leave dishes in the sink because the effort of putting them in the dishwasher is just too much. Notice my Senseo coffee maker right next to the sink yet I stop at McDonalds every day for coffee, don't ask.

Yeah, Big Red is home from his run. He is currently training for a half marathon in November so he is doing time trials every Sunday morning while me and my big butt are sleeping in. He is obviously in much better shape than I am and this should truly inspire me to work out more. Not so much.

Notice Max is so excited that Big Red is home that he has to pee on the neighbors tree in the front yard. Every time we let him out the front door he pees on that same tree. I'm not sure what Max has going on with that tree, but he is marking his territory.

Having my brunch of roasted chicken in a carb balance tortilla. Yes, it may seem odd to you but I grew up on tortillas and eat just about anything in them. My older brother used to put peanut butter and jelly, that is pretty much my limit. They are an easy clean up!

Time to straighten up the living room. It's just the two of us plus Max so I have no idea how we mess up the couch this bad. Notice how my plant is missing from the second picture, it was crying out for some attention. I don't know why I bother keeping so many plants in the house when I am always forgetting to feed them. Thank goodness they can't talk.

It was noon and time to get moving! We got dressed and made a stop at H's house to check up on his babies. He and monkey boy are out of town for a couple of days and I promised to look after these two little monkeys. How cute are they? The girl just wanted some love and attention but the the boy was indifferent. So like real life, no?

Next stop? HEB for some Tres Leches cake!! You know if you ever ask me to bring dessert over, this is what it will be, I am addicted. I have accepted this, now you have to as well. Hi, I'm K and I'm a Tres Lechesaholic.

Dessert was for my parents since we were having a late lunch/dinner there. My dad is finally home from Hawaii! He was gone for a couple of months and we are happy to have him back. I had to catch up on all the family news from Hawaii, so what better way but to do that over a meal of baby back ribs. My parents are so cute!

The men were watching golf on T.V. Do you see what golf does? I've always thought golf was boring and here is my proof. They can argue all they want on how stimulating golf is but yet again, pictures do not lie.
We headed home and Big Red had to watch Big Brother. I used to watch it the first few years and then I just got tired of all the drama. It was always the same thing with just different people. I sat with him for about 20 minutes and then I had to leave him to it. Summer T.V. sucks.
The day finally ended at 9:30 where it should always end, in bed. Big Red had to get up 2:45 the next morning as he has the VERY EARLY shift at work on Monday's. It blows. I went in the bedroom with him and read until 10 and my eyelids starting getting heavy. Max, as usual, fell asleep in between us and was out before I was. It was a good day and I had fun catching up with my parents. I realize this may be boring to most people but it is a good life. As fun as it used to be to go out drinking until 2 a.m., I'm kind of past that phase in my life and am much happier being a homebody.



June Gardens said...

Hiiiiii, K.

(That was in response to you being a lechaholic.)

@eloh said...

H's baby in your arms is a real ringer for my Lil' Bob.

chinamommy said...

i'm doing my day in pictures tomorrow as i fogot to check in at "pie" over the weekend- i was too busy at a "festival" wondering why those people don't have all their teeth...
my day will be equally riveting...not that yours wasn't! Pie reads YOUR BLOG... i'm jealous!

chinamommy said...

oh yeah... what's that cake? do tell... i don't think the skinny bitches will let me eat it but tell me anyway! hahaha!