Friday, February 6, 2009

You ever feel like someone is watching you?

H and I once did a stakeout on one of our friends. It was a Friday night and we wanted to do something different than the usual bar hopping. This friend, let's call him Spider, was dating a new guy that we still had not met. So we picked up some Mike's Hard Lemonade and did surveillance on Spider's new guy. We parked in the apartment complex and waited for them to come out. You know the hardest part of a stakeout? No bathrooms. When you're drinking and laughing so hard you want to pee your pants, this can be a problem. They eventually came out, got in their car and drove right towards us. H's car has these great reclining seats that are automatic but slooooooow. It's hard to put your seat back quickly in a situation like this. To this day we still haven't told spider that we did this even though he would find it funny. They are still together, much to my amazement. Perhaps we'll tell him on their wedding day or commitment ceremony day since gay marriage is still not legal.

I think we'd do another stakeout because we had so much fun. The only thing I'd change is to borrow another car, bring food and park close to a bathroom.


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Kugo said...

That was freaking hilarious!