Monday, February 9, 2009

Really, cut off? Why?

Ok, so all of you may be shocked to find out that I am a homosexual. Yes, gay. So I have always loved to give my speech about being born this way...why would I chose to be ridiculed... why would I chose to have to use lube...etc. It is a good speech, I will have to post it one day. Maybe I have in a drunken haze, who knows, check it out.
Lately, I have been curious about the trannies. Transgender. OK, THIS CANNOT be a choice! Who would chose such a thing? Why would you chose to take hormones, go through so much counseling, and have countless surgeries! OH, who would chose to duct tape your balls and dicks? How do you duct tape your balls and dick without ripping all kinds of important stuff off? Do you put something between you and the tape? So many questions! THIS is why I need a tranny. It is my mission to find one to ask all of these questions and more. I went to craigslist but it is full of horny old men! I bookmarked it though, a girl never knows!
Anyway, I need help finding a tranny. Please help!
Rupaul's new Logo show, Rupaul's Drag Race is the reason this got in my head. Check it out, it is hilarious! 

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