Monday, February 16, 2009

Wii that was fun!

We celebrated Valentine's Day like all mature adult couples do and had a Wii party and it was a blast!

Here is Mother Theresa doing her best hula hooping much to our delight. I love how bored her husband looks in the background.

Monkey Boy trying to outdo MT but I love the background faces better. Michelle is doing her best impression of the kid from Home Alone.

Mother Theresa and H grooving to some 80's song while they were doing the robot dance. Actually I think they were playing baseball?

Here is Monkey Boy, H and I looking at the the Wii bowling screen like we have never seen the inside of a bowling alley and have no idea what to do. At this point it may have been the alcohol.

And the now infamous black socks/brown sandals that may or may not have made some of us sick.

H was either frisking Mother Theresa for money or molesting her in ways we don't need to talk about here. A picture really is worth a million dollars isn't it? We may need this one for the lawsuit.

It was so much fun and you can tell by the changing date on the pics that the party lasted until the next morning. I believe H actually went to bed because we were the guests that never left. I have to mention how good the food was. H and Monkey Boy are the Martha Stewart's of our group so while I brought chips and dips and teriyaki meatballs they made shrimp and bread with two different oils and all the dishes matched! I'm a paper plate girl myself but the spread was awesome. Aside from the horny dog that kept wanting to hump us and eating too much food, it was a great success. We will have another Wii party with the people who couldn't come 'cause this shit is too fun to not share.


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