Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning Mumbles

Welcome to another episode of random Monday morning posts with your host K. Today our topic of conversation will be mixed as all Monday morning posts are. The first thing on the top of my head...Lady Gaga. What a name and who knew she wasn't black? The song is about being drunk and stupid? Why doesn't she sing about the dangers of being that drunk at a club where some random guy can slip some date rape drug in your drink? Or praying to the porcelain gods in the ladies bathroom and passing out on the urine stained floor? Or waking up the next morning with a hairy tongue and not being able to do anything but lie in bed and bitch about how your head hurts? That is really what happens when you're so drunk at a club that you lose your phone. All that said, I kinda like that song but will be sick of it in a minute.

The Grammy's? Didn't see them. When I was a teenager I would plan my whole night around award shows (YES THEY HAD T.V. BACK THEN!). Grammy's, American Music Awards, MTV awards, Just give me the condensed version, the best and worst moments, the highs and the lows but mostly the most embarrassing moments only, please. I did switch channels and caught the Jonas Brothers and had to immediately change it because I'm over the age limit to legally enjoy them. Do you think our parents thought the same thing when they ran across New Kids on the Block? Not that I was ever a fan of NKTB but I was trying to think of something relevant back then. Though I will tell you that H and I know someone older than us(who shall remain nameless) who has a crush on the Jonas Brothers. No one has ever accused this woman of having taste let alone good taste.

Can I just address one of my brothers calling my home last night at 10 p.m. and leaving a message on my machine (because I was asleep on a Sunday night) and asking why I wasn't picking up the phone. Then calling my cell phone and not only stating the time (so he knew) but again asking why I wasn't awake and taking his call. Now he acknowledged the fact that he is in Hawaii and they are 4 hours behind so it's not like he didn't know it was late at night when he called. I think it's the general puzzlement and cluelessness(is this even a real word?) in his voice that made me laugh. The three of us (out of 12)grand kids are trying to plan this family reunion. Getting the three of us on the phone at the same time is impossibly frustrating. Now I know why e-mail is king.


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