Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthdays, alcohol and gifts...oh my.

Well some of us have grown another year older yet not wiser as you can tell by the picture. It was Fast Eddies birthday and we celebrated by taking a half day off work and having a liquid lunch. Here is Fast Eddie at the start of a festive lunch.

Little Jewish R got the Jesus shirt, H got the grumpy shirt but notice how you don't see my gift? He got me a cookie jar with Morehead College on it...More Head, get it?? Sigh....oh Eddie. He also got us all bubble swords and vowed to take all sorts of funny pictures with them but once we started drinking, well you know how that goes.

Here is my reaction to the lewdly suggestive cookie jar...
Don't you love how I didn't know how to set the date on my camera so it looks like the pictures are 5 years old? Never said I was a technological genius.

Wow look at all those gorgeous couples... Fast Eddie and his newest girlfriend, Gay R and Stephan, H and Monkey Boy, and lastly Michelle and her man. (we were beginning to doubt his existence) Notice I am not in a couple, please refer to my picture above to see my reaction to that as well.

It was fun and we had some laughs. We may have to make half day birthday lunches a regular thing because here was Fast Eddie at the end of his lunch. So sad.


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