Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big Bad Red

Do ya think my husband is addicted to Wii Sports much? Here he is pointing out that he got a gold medal in Wii golf. He may as well have gotten a gold medal at the Olympics. He is, after all, the reigning 2009 Wii Champion of San Antonio don't ya know!

Here he is demurely accepting his medal at the closing ceremonies. This is what I love about him most, his modesty.
Do you see the look of sheer terror on Max's face? He hates Wii with a passion. All that arm waving and moving around, it freaks him out. He was practically on my lap.

Nani can barely contain her excitement here. She needs to calm down, this one. She may be comatose, not sure. Stay tuned as you may see her on an episode of Doggy Intervention. I'm sure she'll somehow blame me, it's always the mother's fault, isn't it?

Another exciting weekend in the K household. Next week on K, we do some spring cleaning! Stay tuned for another exciting episode. (Insert show theme music here and fade out to laugh track and applause)


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