Monday, January 4, 2010

Still crazy after all these years.

Do we look psycho? 'Cause we are. Das right.

Who do you think spent the New Year sick? Sigh...every year my sickness falls on a holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, it doesn't matter - the sickness never takes a holiday. I hate the sickness. I am finally feeling a little better today which is a good thing since I am at work. So much to do but my mind is still in vacation mode.

I spent my last day of vacation watching a marathon of "I shouldn't be alive" and "Human Prey"....HUGE MISTAKE! Have you ever watched this? I think it's on the Animal Planet channel. Anyway, I was up until after midnight because I could not stop thinking about being attacked by a bear, or a lion, or a shark, or an alligator, or a hyena...that's right, I saw a story where a man was attacked by a hyena. Did you know they have the most powerful bite of any animal? Ripped his ear clean off while he was sleeping then tried to drag him off. Note to self: CANCEL AFRICAN SAFARI.

Needless to say, my sleep last night was troubled at best. Big Red said I had a nightmare and was crying out, thankfully I don't remember but I hope I kicked it's ass. Now I know what to do if I am ever attacked though and I will be ready. FYI, go for the sharks eyes and they will loosen their jaws. They will probably still come back and eat you but I'd rather go with a sharks eyeball stuck on my thumb, wouldn't you?! I think I fear the shark the most because I am from Hawaii and I love swimming in the ocean so out of all those animals I would most likely be shark bait. Why do I watch things like this? Why do I subject myself to such images? Sick. I would make a resolution to never watch shows like this in 2010 but I don't make New Years resolutions. I have 364 other days to do that.

I did manage to stay up until 1 a.m. and ring in the New Year with my hubby, but for the most part all I did was medicate and sleep. Honestly, not such a bad vacation when you're medicated and warm in bed. Probably not as much fun for Big Red but he had his XBOX 360 new games to keep him busy. Hope the New Year brought nothing but goodness for everyone out there! Now I need to go have a talk with my brain and let it know vacation is over, it won't be pretty.



La Skeletor said...

I still haven't told my brain. I don't have the heart.

maxendu said...

i don't have a brain.

Funny in my mind said...

I know it isn't funny to laugh at others misfortune but when you said the hyena ripped his ear clean off, cancel the safari, I peed my pants