Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Max is whack

So I'm a little tired this morning, every morning. Max has been waking me up at night with his needy ways. Almost every night he jumps on the bed in the middle of the night and finds a warm spot at the foot of our bed. We don't mind, it's a big bed and we are only too happy to share. However...Max has been acting up lately during the day by destroying a grocery bag or snagging cough drops off my nightstand and leaving the red cherry colored stains on my side of the bed. Do you think he is mad about something?

Last night he jumped up at 2 a.m. and apparently performed a number from the smash Broadway hit Stomp. Maybe he was doing his impression of an entire marching band marching their way across our bed or he thought it was Mardi Gras and decided to be a float in a parade. I really don't know the reason for his impromptu performance but whatever the reason I finally had to tell him to knock it off and get down. What the hell? We let him out at night if he has to go and he tells us by click click clicking his way down the hall to the kitchen but this week he has been very scrooge like.

I think he may be in love with the doberman next door. They lick each other through the fence and they have formed a connecting hole under the fence where Max leaves his toys for the doberman to play with. It is perfectly fine with me that the doberman is a boy, I am nothing if not tolerant and understanding of all lifestyles. Max whines at the fence whenever he is outside and I do not know how to help him get over it. Please don't suggest I set up a play date for him because he is usually much more aggressive when face to face with other dogs who try to check out his goods, he has got to be a top. So it is back to being more strict with him and no more snacks because his begging is out of control. I hate being mean mom.


La Skeletor said...

If you keep this up, he'll start acting out in bath that what you want?

Funny in my mind said...

What is it with these dogs? Mine have been making gross messes and acting bratty too!
I blame the snow and cold.

Kona had a boyfriend Monty at our old house, when we moved she was so sad, sometimes I wonder if I brought her back there would she remember him