Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nothing but a b thing (as in birthday)

I heart Pepcid AC because I have had ridiculous heartburn for days and was chewing TUMS like candy, with no noticeable difference at all. It was so pressing that I dropped everything on my desk and took a trip to Walgreen's to talk to the pharmacist. Pepcid AC is now my quick acting friend who will stay in my desk for situations just like this one. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with my oh so healthy diet (said sarcastically). Heartburn sucks, do you think it's because of my drinking binge from the past weekend? Ha, I call it binge after two margaritas and 2 big ass beers! What does that tell you...I used to be able to suck down shots like a sailor and still walk upright, what the hell? Oh, how the mighty fall, no more liquid lunch birthday celebrations for me! Speaking of birthdays...

Here is Michelle with a big piece of chocolate cake in her hand blowing out her other dessert. Notice her "flirtini" (martini w/champagne) is full, she had many more that night. Fast Eddie made the chocolate cake and it was delish!

I also forgot to tell you that Friday night Michelle fell in the ladies restroom and also left the door unlocked so two women walked in on her. When she told me about it I thought to myself that I need to make sure I go with her the next time she uses the restroom and promptly forgot. When I brought it up Tuesday morning, she didn't even remember. Oh to be 28 and have that just be a little hiccup in your day. I would have bruises and probably would have ended up on crutches with my old bones all fragile like. It sounds like I'm 80, right? If you're only as old as you feel then 80 would be about right. Remember that episode of The Office where Michael was on crutches and fell in the bathroom and got stuck between the toilet and wall? No one wanted to come in and help him. That still makes me laugh. Something tells me I missed a golden comedic moment by not going to the ladies room with Michelle, damn!


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Funny in My Mind said...

Good to know about the Pepcid. I eat Tums too and they never seem to work. Falling down drunk is never cute at our age!