Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please hold...

Sorry, I had to finish my .99 tacos from Jack in the Box. I feel heartburn coming on. So my weekend was fabulous and yesterday was my first day back at school. Microeconomics instead of Macroeconomics...don't ask me the difference 'cause I won't tell you, take the class. I was supposed to have a computer literacy class after that but it was cancelled so I was home by 8 p.m.

I'm quite sure you have heard of Pioneer Woman because she has the most fabulous recipes on her website. Well I decided this would be the weekend to try a recipe because they all sound soooo delicious. Here I am with all the ingredients along with my trusty laptop so I read how to make her food.
We had ribeye steaks, onion strings and crash hot potatoes and yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus because he brought me all the ingredients to make one of the best dinners ever. The onion strings were crunchy, flavorful and best of all the breading did not come off the onion. The crash hot potatoes were so tasty and easy to make but I did add my one little touch and that was bleu cheese. A little fresh rosemary, olive oil, sea salt with bleu cheese crumbles and 20 minutes in the oven made these delicious little potato crispy clouds my own personal heaven. Here is the after picture.

I fully realize I ruined the visual by putting this masterpiece on a paper plate, but oh the dishes I dirtied in the process with all the soaking, prepping, breading, etc....I couldn't deal with one more dirty dish. Cooking from scratch is hard! I love me some Pioneer Woman! Go check her out, she has the best recipes with pictures of every step so it's kind of hard to fuck it up. So take her for a spin and go forth and prosper...or get fat because this is not diet food, folks. I think I gained 10 pounds this weekend.