Thursday, January 7, 2010

Calgon take me away

I think some days are just destined to kick my ass. There is one thing I hate about working in finance it is the closing period. It is a beating when you're under the gun and things have to happen NOW. It's only 9:30 a.m. and I feel so exhausted and my head hurts. I have to take a minute and center myself because the song "Pressure" by Billy Joel is looping through my mind. You ever wish you could just freeze time and transport yourself to your happy place, just for a little while? Silence is golden, my friend. Maybe I'm just having a bad dream and my maid and butler will come in to wake me up in time for my luxurious bath and bon bons. Oh to dream.


1 comment:

@eloh said...

Ya know, you could really screw with peoples heads by singing that old Doris Day tune and smiling real goofy.... Kaaa sa Rah sa rah... what ever will be will be......

Like you don't give a crap about the killer deadlines.

You could even glide outa your chair and do a twirly living in a musical.

Unless you think they might tote you off to the funny farm.