Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1,2,3 say look at me...dammit cut it out you guys!

I love this old family photo because look at me being all Ms. Pouty McPout in the back row. I have no idea why I was so mad in this photo. My mom right below me is smiling big and my dad, in the gold shirt on the end, looks happy so why not me? I also love it because no one is really paying attention so I guess this is a typical family photo. We didn't get professional photo's done back then, who would pay money when we could do it ourselves? Now I see why photographers charge so much.


1 comment:

@eloh said...

You also appear to have a large wad of curtain in your hot little mad hands...

you were a beautiful child... and evidentially angry at your mothers choice of window coverings and or decor.