Friday, January 8, 2010

Wouldn't it be funny if people actually could freeze their ass off and all you see is frozen ass in the street?

You have got to be freaking kidding me. 22 degrees? I live in Texas not Antarctica. This is ridiculous so who do I have to talk to to get the heat turned back on in this state? I had to fill my car with gas this morning and I swear to you after just 3 minutes standing out in the cold wind my face was numb...couldn't feel my lips, I had to just assume they were still there and hadn't fallen off or anything. I don't know how people who live in Fargo or Michigan do it for such a long period of time. Are you just made tougher up there? This Hawaii girl is most delicate in frigid weather.

You know what I notice about it being so cold? There is more crap for me to carry. Winter coat...check, scarf...check, gloves...check, sweater for wearing in my office...check, chapstick...check. Where does it end and why is it so much harder getting up in the morning when it is so cold? I slept 7 hours straight last night, didn't even get up to pee. I can only assume people who live in Wisconsin or Minneapolis sleep better than the rest of us. It was fun for a while and I'm done now so...


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Funny in my mind said...

It is 5 degrees here and yesterday, a customer told me that when she lived in Alaska it was 67 below zero and it was nice dry cold. She was miserable with the humidity and wind. I cannot imagine 67 below. I wish some of my ass would freeze off!
Have a quiet and fun weekend with your sweet husband and remember to be still!