Monday, January 25, 2010

Walking on sunshine...until the earth caved in and swallowed a house.

The weather this weekend was fabulous! Sunny and in the low 70's, sheer perfection. We opened all the windows and let the sun shine in. We also managed to have a picnic at the park Saturday afternoon and Max had a blast running and chasing his ball. We laid out on a blanket while Big Red read and I people and dog watched. I didn't want it to end but once the breeze got chilly we were out of there.

It was such a beautiful weekend until I got a text from H on Sunday saying he was now homeless! He and Monkey Boy will be at a hotel for a few days due to some natural disaster in their neighborhood...oh the drama. I finally saw it on the news this morning and what a mess. Here is hoping the whole family is back at home soon!


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