Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You can't figure this out? Really?

Okay so I get this e-mail yesterday and how stupid do you have to be to NOT be able to figure this out? It's not bad enough that she can't figure it out but she has asked me this question every year since she has left her employment with us...8 years! She is in her 50's by now and this isn't calculus people! How does she function in a new job if she can't figure out this simple equation? Just another example of stupidity running rampant. This takes a special kind of stupid to not understand basic math, no? Again, this is what comes from hating all mankind today.

Importance: High

Hi K,

I need your help again……………..(if you don’t mind)………..My current pay is $16.50/hr. I recently received a 3.2% raise, what would my current hourly pay be ???? J


Basic Math Idiot
Stupid Dept.
123 Main St. SAT 78249
Work: (800) 867-5309

Grouchy and mean,

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