Thursday, October 2, 2008


So here's the thing...because again, if you have never read us before, I like to start my blog like we are just sitting around and having coffee and I'm just having a conversation with you. I apparently like to also have run-on sentences begin my blog as well. Well, not really just my blog since H and I share this blog. I realize this can be confusing to all (in my fantasy) the people who read it. H doesn't write all that often but when he does, look out. It's usually to rant about politics or religion or gay political religious things. It's where his head is at right now and since he is my friend, I go right there with him.

Funny thing is I'm not political, religious or gay but I get him and this is why we are friends. I have decided to tell you a little about H since we all know he NEVER talks about himself. He's in his 30's, has a successful career, drives a very nice Mercedes (which I adore), is in a happy long-term relationship and is funny as hell. I'd tell you he's not ugly but that would be like kissing my brother and who wants to go there? He can be a little OCD, is more cranky the higher he climbs the ladder at work, and he likes stuff (Burberry, Gucci, get the idea). He also knows how to make me laugh when I'm feeling down, is always up for going shoe shopping, and is the most loyal friend ever.

We've been friends ever since we started working together back in 2001 and our friendship has changed over the years. H has many hags for different stages and events in his life. He has the long distance hag, the old high school hag, the pregnant hag, etc...I am the top hag, the main hag, the mama hag if you will. The hag to trump all others or so I like to believe. We talk about many things we don't even tell our spouses about (especially things about them) and we talk every day. When I read some of his posts I think "Wow, what the fuck?" After all, I am the one who gets on his ass about not posting more often and when he finally does it's a doozy. It's a rant or demented but always entertaining for me because he blogs like he talks and I like that.

If you were to judge him on his posts alone you would probably think he is more serious but that is one of the last words I would use to describe him. He is more of my partner in crime at work. We like the practical jokes, unfortunately not every one does which is why not every one gets us. We like putting peoples possessions in the vending machine or freezer, writing little notes on stupid signs people post, and tearing labels off canned goods and leaving them in a random employee's box to figure out what it is. We make faces at each other when someone spouts off stupidity during boring staff meetings or write notes to each other about the awful page boy haircut someone just got or the hideous golden girl shoes someone is wearing at said meeting. Which to me is funny since we both have very serious positions at work. I'm sure if you ask other employees they would say we are very capable, smart or hard-working. But while we are "meeting" in my office with the door closed we are planning how best to fuck with someone who has irked us and feign disgust on who could have done this??!! The best thing about us is that while we laugh at other people, we make fun and laugh at ourselves even harder.

There is so much more I could tell you but this is already too long and I am way tired. I love to write - I especially love to write about people and H is the person I chose to write about tonight so suck it H. He is off on a Friday and I hate him for it. I have to eat with the GEW tomorrow (the gay jew who still makes me laugh) and we are planning to talk about H for the whole 2 hour lunch we plan on taking.


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