Thursday, October 23, 2008

What the?

I was partaking in one of my favorite pastimes while I was on the internet - no, not porn - this isn't H, shopping for shoes. Oh my, the cutest red Mary Jane's that I ever laid eyes on. When all of a sudden I clicked on the next page and these hideous things assaulted my eyes!!

My first thought was what the fuck? I had to click on them and they are called muk luk's, oh the name is just as bad as the picture. I think the name may even be fuglier than the actual shoe/slipper/sock. My second thought was who would wear this monstrosity? I bet you Sarah Palin wears them. She's a moose hunter from Alaska, it's a given. Where on the frozen tundra would you be caught dead in these?

I had to avert my eyes and then close the website because I started feeling queasy. Who knew shoe shopping could lead to such tragedy? I feel dirty.


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