Friday, October 3, 2008

What do ya want? It's early.

I'm sitting here in my office at 7 a.m. drinking a sugar free Red Bull and munching on a granola bar. While I do this I have had time to ponder and would like to share the following observations:

  • Palin's accent annoys me, it makes her sound like an extra in Fargo.

  • Make her quit the "aw shucks" routine and I might like her more.

  • Tina Turner just went on tour??!!? She's the same age as my dad?! I think the Golden Girls are opening for her.

  • I love walking in the door at my gym and hearing "Hi K!", it makes me feel like I'm Norm from Cheers and they like having me there.

  • Cubs lost again last night and my husband was in a foul mood. Don't worry, I made him feel better. :-).

  • I couldn't sleep last night because I have so much work to do today so I got up and e-mailed a to-do list to myself. I am such an anal annie. (Do not take this literally)

  • Celine Diva's son looks like a girl, is that a French Canadian thing?

  • I just stopped typing for 3 minutes because Pink's "So What" came on the radio and I had to stop and sing along.

  • I did not include this random time to blog on my to do list so now I am already behind.

  • I only got two resumes this morning for my accounting assistant and the same person applied for H's job posting as well. These are two very different jobs, what makes you think you're qualified for both??

I gotta get to work, my desk looks like it threw up after a drunken finance party. Big sigh and I'm off to conquer the day. Where is our receptionist??!! I NEED COFFEE!

H, don't forget to feed Changita since I already cleaned up her poop.


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