Friday, October 3, 2008

Yeah, whateva'

       "Lil' ol' me"

What the fuck, Why the hell did K write so much and about lil’ ol’me?!  I guess I do write the way I talk. Never noticed.  Hmm.  I guess I do.  Yes. I do. I also write in short sentences.  Maybe it is because I am not a writer like K.  She is right, I have not written very often.  I really haven’t had much to say that was entertaining.  If you haven’t guessed or figured it out I am depressed, or should I say WAS depressed.  It totally sucked but I am feeling better.  I am not one of those Debbie Downers who is always depressed.  First time, I swear.  It was really situational and I think I just have to sort out some issues (ithues, if you will) about myself and my life. 


I do love me some politics.  I will venture to say that it runs in my blood.  No I am not a Bush, Clinton, or a Kennedy!  I am of the Cardona Clan of Central Texas though. Most of what K says is true.  But if you really read the blog you will know that she doesn’t really tell us much about herself either!  So I will do it today! 


She is in her sort of early 40’s, has a great career, has two beautiful dogs (that she threatened to kill recently), and is in a very happy marriage to a big red man.  She is very funny too.  I also do not want to kiss my sister but I will tell you that K has recently lost a lot of weight and is really working on improving her health which is making her look great!


K is cranky most of the time regardless of where on the ladder she is.  She is a total biacha that will ask the hard questions of everyone. She doesn’t care who you are.  She even tells her boss how to do her job.  It cracks me up.  She likes for everyone to think she is a hard ass (and she is) but deep down (not so deep anymore) she is a total softie.  Not unlike my belly.  

I have to tell you that I do not own any of those labels that K said I love.  I have one LV wallet because I refuse to pay $1000 for a man-bag.  My partner on the other hand has all of those labels and wears them everyday.  I am happy to buy them for him because he is great! K owns several Coach purses so shut the fuck up. 


I do enjoy me some shoe shopping but so does K.  She has a shitload of shoes and is dressing very ostentatious lately. I on the other hand have not purchased any new shoes lately.  I am too fat for shoes. Seriously, I don't wear shoes. 


I totally love to hang around with K because she makes me laugh and makes me happy when I fell like crap or am totally stressed.  She is my most loyal friend and confidant. And yes, she is the top hag (today)


K reminds me of the older sister on designing women—Julia Sugarbaker!   The one that you didn’t want to eva’ piss off because she would go off on you and tear you a new one (and not in a good way),  K can kill you with words.  She is a wordsmith and knows it./span>

 By the way, I am Susan Sugarbaker.  

If you were to judge her on her posts alone you would probably think she is more athletic but that is one of the last words I would use to describe her.  Don’t get me wrong she is working out everyday.  Even weekends people.  She is a crazy health nut and I like that.  I am very proud of her for eating healthy and working out.  She still loves mayonnaise but doesn’t buy the tub at Costco anymore.  

I love talking about the bad haircuts at work.  I have a shitty haircut too but that is different.  K has very little hair but what she has is beautiful.  I totally love making fun of people with K.  She has such witty comments and makes me feel funny.  There is one person that I love making fun of.  It is the Golden Girl herself.  Her name is Teriyaki.  She is one funny lady.  From her hair to her shoes.  It is all kinds of wrong. I so should draw a pic of her.  I am laughing just thinking about it...

It is my day off, what am I doing sitting her typing all day?!  I must go nap, bitches. 






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