Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wanna ride?

Who were the only people at a breakfast this morning for new Toyota owners that did not buy a Toyota for great fuel economy? Yeah...that would be us.

While everyone else was talking about their Corolla's and Camry's and how great they are, here Big Red and I are eating banana's and saying things like "Well it's only takes $70 bucks to fill our tank and it lasts us a whole week!" Yes, we are proud parents of our beautiful, gas guzzling, bad ass Tundra while the other little Prius owners gasped in horror.

We do not follow trends or care about the economy! We don't care that we have to sell one of our kidney's to pay for gas! We don't care that we are leaving a huge carbon bigfoot like print on the environment! We spit on the turning of the tide that is fuel economy! Plus, I can sit cross legged in the front seat and look down and laugh at Smartcars while sitting at stoplights. Take your Smartcar down to Costco and feed an army, I dare you!

It was an interesting breakfast and every time the speaker asked for a show of hands, no matter how ridicuous the question was, I raised my hand. My husband just kept shaking his head but how would these people know that I haven't really owned over 10 Toyota's or can actually fit my 6 children in the truck?? It kept me amused.

Before I forget, H texted me this morning that he was giving birth to the spawn of Satan. I hope that meant he was on the toilet. Also, talked to my long lost parents last night and they are finally coming home. They have been in Hawaii since June and are returning home in November. Finally! They really are too old to be running away from home anyway.


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