Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm exhausted! I have been tired all weekend, I'm not even kidding. I slept for 9 hours yesterday, got up, ate breakfast and napped another two hours, got up, ate lunch and napped again! Yet still slept like a baby last night. WTF? I am old.

Today I've been so tired and been trying to keep busy so I don't nap but so eyes just wanted to rest so I tried to find stuff to do. We had sex. Went for a drive. Cleaned house. Made dinner. Read a book. Washed our sheets. Tried not to nap. So ready to go to bed and it's only 7:20. It's official, I am not my mom but my grandmother. Oh help me someone. If I get sick I will be so mad! Discovered today that I dislike all mankind. I know, I know but it's true. I am my grandmother/Ebenezer Scrooge all in one. What happened to the days when one could go for a nice Sunday drive without all these people around?! Clearly not napping has turned me in to a grouch.


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