Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Should I be angry?

So R is out of town this week and it started off to a crappy start. He called last night at 7pm to say he was there and was on his way out to dinner. He said he would call me later. Ok, no big deal. We are usually in bed by 9:45pm and lights out at 10pm. So last night I got into bed and I realized it was 10:30 and he had not called. I watched TV and at 11pm I decided to go to sleep. I texted him and he called right away. He said oh hey what's up? I said uuuhhh, it's 11pm and I am going to sleep. He said, yeah we just got back and I was about to call you. I told him OK whatever I am going to bed. He proceeded to say that the people he was with are crazy and they wanted to keep drinking, blah, blah, blah. I told him I was tired and needed to go to sleep. He asked if I was mad and I said I was tired. I was kind of mad.
This morning he called twice and texted once before I called him back. He apologized and I said nothing. He then said I just apologized and you said nothing. I told him what am I supposed to say?
I am just in a bad mood now. I always think of him first. If I am out of town (different time zone) I make sure to call him before I know he is going to go to sleep. He could have at least texted me. But I got nothing. I am just rambling now. I am sleepy.

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