Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yea, my wife is sick and she can't come into work...

Ok, so I was supposed to be off this week but of course the person that was supposed to be there to back me up had her husband call in sick for her. Yes, Blackbeard's husband called in sick for her for the rest of the year. Apparently they went to the coast and she was hospitalized while she was there. What the fuck!? Why?! Always sick when I want to be sick or when I want to take a fucking few days off! It sucks. I hate it! So today I find out she had a virus. Yes, ladies and ladies, a virus. A killer virus that keeps you in bed for five days! The picture ABOVE is that of the killer virus.

So sadly, I will be back at work tomorrow to complete the fucking report from hell, then I will check in on the office to make sure no one else is attacked by this awful virus.

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