Monday, April 21, 2008

It's final

That's right, me and Ute are over. She left and took the the twins, Ova and Ries with her. Being in the hospital sucked,they woke me up every hour to take my blood sugar levels then had the nerve to be surprised when I said I was tired.

I believe my gyno made this surgery sound like a walk in the park when in fact, it was not! My stomach looks and feels like roadkill. I feel better every day though and am glad I took two weeks off to heal. I will be back to my old self in no time. Maybe a little crankier since I'll be in menopause. I'm not sure my body even knows it yet, maybe when the next cycle comes around my body will be like "Hey, wait a minute...what the hell, somethings missing here."

I feel a little disconnected from reality and in my own world and I kinda like it. I have not thought about work once and I kinda like that too. My husband is great, he would make the best caregiver ever. He was patient and kind and oh so loving. Just what I needed when I was feeling like shit. After all this, I have developed a sinus infection to top it all off. Because having major surgery just isn't enough!


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