Monday, March 31, 2008

Highs and Lows

My husband decided to surprise me with a planned "date" on Sunday. He wouldn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing, just when to be ready. He ended up taking me to a chick flick (he was the only guy in the theater) and out to dinner. We sat outdoors sipping on margaritas and listening to live music. I had a really good time and I so appreciate his effort to surprise me, I love that after 11 years he still wants to do these things for me.

Then this morning I had to drop off my baby girl at the vet where she will spend all day with no liquids and not going to the bathroom. She has been sick lately and they wanted to monitor her all day. I will admit that I am worried about her and as soon as I got back in the car I burst in to tears. I immediately called my husband to cry on his shoulder and I felt better after that. I just hate the fact that she won't be able to drink any water or go out to the bathroom when she needs to, it makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.

So typical for a Monday, up and down like a roller my stomach. I am not feeling very creative or witty right now, just sad.


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