Thursday, May 21, 2009

What day is it?

I'm a little tired and sluggish this morning, I think I need a tune up. I am drinking my daily large McDonald's coffee but something is off here. I'm freezing here in my office yet it reads 77 degrees. You know what bugs me? The McDonald's by my office, on a very busy street near downtown, will only take cash sometimes. Their credit card machines go down at least once a month. WTF? It's McDonald's... at rush hour... breakfast time, how can you not get this fixed since it happens all the time? Granted I usually pay cash ($1.50 for a large coffee) but for almost everyone I know who only uses their debit card, what are they supposed to do? Run all the way to an ATM and come back? Annoying for a major chain. That's my two cents (cash only).


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