Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

Yesterday was our 8 year anniversary! Yea for the gay! It is truly hard to believe that I have been in a relationship that has lasted this long. It was the 8th year anniversary of the day we met. We don't have a wedding date like most people because we can't marry...more about that in a later post.
We had dinner at Citrus, the beautiful restaurant at the beautiful Hotel Valencia in downtown SA. We started with delicious imported beer and then moved to a bottle of fume blanc from France. We ordered the four course dinner that was really good. We had shrimp, crab cake, soft shell crab, scallops, duck, beef tenderloin, and bread pudding -- it was all perfectly prepared. The service was great from the hostess/manager to our great waiter. The sun was setting on the Riverwalk as we ate our anniversary dinner. We finished our bottle of wine as we had great conversation. We had been there for nearly two hours so we figured it was time to go home. I was also growing tired of the old lady a couple tables down screaming about her house in Greece and how they don't pay taxes. Ugh, I hate her, anyway.
It came time to pay...the waiter brought our bill and began to explain something that made no sense. We were prepared to pay a couple hundred dollars for a great meal. He started by saying "ok, your bill is $28 for the bottle of wine, the rest of your meal has been taken care of by Hotel Valencia" "Huh!", we said sounding a bit like Scooby Doo. The waiter repeated himself and said, oh you didn't know your dinner was going to be comp'd? Uh, no...
So the great manager came to explain that Amy Trench had told them to take great care of us and give us whatever we wanted (minus alcohol of course). It turns out that Hotel Valencia is one of R's clients and they knew it was our anniversary so they decided to give us a free dinner. A free $180 dinner! We were so surprised and so happy. It was the perfect end to a perfect anniversary!

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Anonymous said...

I am so going to try this place now! Happy Anniversary Gays!