Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boise or Bust Part 1

Okay, I can see by the lack of entries that H did not blog at all. Thank goodness I came back in time to tell you about my awesome trip to visit my baby brother Big Mike. Here we are in one part of his restaurant, can I look any prouder? There was so much jammed in to this trip that I will have to break it down. As in all things K, there were good and bad (the bad was only on the return trip) so let's start with the good...the FOOD!

Teriyaki Beef with jasmine rice and mac salad...broke da mouth!

Now this is a loco moco, two 1/3 patties on jasmine rice with asian gravy, onion nest and fried egg on top...this had to be taken home for later, it was so much food.

One of the pupu's we had Kalbi Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese dressing. OMG...these were the best wings.

This was spring rolls with ahi inside and isn't this the prettiest presentation you ever saw? I love how when we order my brother tells them to bring a larger order for us. This is the advantage to being related to the owner. I had to ask my hubby if I was just biased because it was my brother or was his food just so damn good and he said the food was ono! We ate 3 of our meals at his restaurant and while we were full we had to try the dessert too because he has this amazing pastry chef.
Oh the pounds we packed on. Our first meal the day we came in was chicken katsu, kalua pig sandwich, chicken satay, sweet and sour meatballs, coconut prawns and strawberry daiquiri smoothies. We actually went back that night for dinner and had the food pictured above plus dessert. We were exhausted when we got home that night but stayed up talking in his back yard that he just landscaped to look like a mini Hawaii. The tiki torches, fire pit, Hawaiian music and even was heavenly. He and his girlfriend, Tash, showed us the best vacation I've had in a long time.

Tash, Big Mike and the newest member of their family, the baby rottweiler...Kanaks. I have to tell you the rest in another post because I have so much to do!

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