Monday, May 18, 2009

Feel free to be funny

I didn't mean to bring anyone down. I was just alone Friday night after Big Red went to work and I needed to write down what I couldn't say out loud. There truly were no words to express how I felt and the last thing I wanted to do was talk about it which is why we waited to tell anyone until Saturday. The only person I told that night was H because I knew he would understand my pain, being a dog parent as well. I sobbed after Red left and eventually cried myself to sleep with Max by my side. It is now Monday and I am exhausted from crying my eyes out every time her name was mentioned. Perhaps we should have just locked ourselves in our house all weekend but life moves on and we had to move with it. It's different to talk about this with someone who doesn't love their pets as much as we do, but it gives you a different perspective. My favorite response was from my mom when she said "so are you going to get a new dog?". She did express how sorry she was but my parents are not really animal lovers so that is a normal question for non-dog lovers isn't it? Anyway, I like to think the picture is Nani in doggy heaven, enjoying herself with all the other huskies.

On the bright side, Maximus is now the head honcho at home. Any food that falls on the floor while we are cooking is all his. He now has full run of the entire house and has no competition for couch or bed space. Maxipad has all our attention and went on two walks this weekend which made him the happiest dog alive. Red and I walked on the new path that leads to O.P. Schnabel Park and I couldn't believe the number of dog walkers and bikers on this path. It was beautiful and much better viewed flat on my feet than the seat of a bike. Maxamillion now has two bags of dog food to finish and more love than one dog could possibly need. He pads around the house like he is looking for someone and we have no doubt it is Nani but he will soon stop looking. Time will eventually heal our hearts and we have accepted that.

So feel free to be funny, H. I would rather laugh than cry anyway. I am here at work and need to start my day. On a side note, this weather is awesome. We aired the house out yesterday and the cool breeze felt so good. We are also looking forward to visiting my baby brother this weekend and a change of scenery will do us good. Here's to a good week at work, I'm quite sure someone will say or do something funny or stupid to make me laugh and I look forward to it.


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