Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boise or Bust Part II

I have to say that I love Boise, it's just so pretty and clean. They have 10,000 parks and everyone rides a bicycle there. We decided to go to Camels Back Park in this gorgeous neighborhood called Hyde Park. See all those little people climbing up that hill? It's all sand, ever try to walk in sand...uphill? It took me about 15 minutes because I had to keep stopping to rest. I made the mistake of looking back when I was half way up and for a minute I almost chickened out. That hill is hella steep and my legs were shaking. Some little kid sliding down in the sand told me "Don't look back, you're gonna want to, but don't!" Big Red stayed right there with me and kept telling me I could make it and I did!

This is the view from the top looking straight down the hump. Thank goodness they had the posts on the side because I had to hold on to those and pull myself up.

The views from the top were gorgeous. My brother was smart to stay at the bottom with his dog but Tash decided to brave the climb with us.
I'm only smiling because I made it. The climb going down the side of the hill was equally steep but at least there were stairs. You better believe I held on to Red for dear life, I am so scared of heights.
We took a little hike along the river right past Boise State University. It was so breathtaking and awesome. Did you know they have the only blue football field in the country? This University is huge and the student housing is nicer than where I live. My brother was lucky to have gone there for Culinary arts. Red and I have talked about perhaps moving there but not for a couple of years, I have to ponder the snowy winters. It may be fun to go tubing though. K+snow+tube= really chubby snowball.

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