Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Won't you join me on a trip down memory lane?

Everyone thinks "How cute, you're brother is helping you up!" But to this day I swear he was actually pushing me down so he could get all the good pictures. Camera hog!

Okay maybe this is just me, but when I first saw this picture of my brother, the theme from Jaws kept playing in my head. Remember the little boy with the yellow raft who was eaten by the shark and his mom kept screaming for him when everyone ran out of the water and all they found was his mangled raft??! Don't go in the water, dude.

Yes, this was me just getting up from a nap. You think my mom would love me enough to at least style my hair or something. When my husband saw this picture for the first time he said "Wow, you still look just like that when you wake up". We are now going through a divorce.

So I like to call this one "My best side" because all you can see is my butt. Look at my brother in his little knee high socks and perfect part in his hair. Do ya think his shorts are pulled up high enough? White socks and black shoes? Apparently, I didn't care for his fashion sense and decided to haul ass out of there.

Here I am making a Miss Prissy face with my Hawaii grandparents and my dad. We were on our way to Disneyland and my parents kept taking picture after picture. "SMILE K!!" Ugh...even back then I'd had enough. Dig on my dad's cool 60's rat pack sweater.
I love this picture of my mom on her wedding day. The chubby faced girl in front is her sister, my aunt Elsa. My dad likes to refer to this picture as "Can I pick them or what?". My mom is stunning in this picture, she reminds me of an old fashioned movie star.

Man, these pictures are great. I have so many pictures that make me wish I could remember that particular time in my life. Why don't we ever know when we have it good?



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