Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Musings

It's Monday morning, the day after the time change and I am suffering. It's really only 6:20, come on now. I made the mistake of napping yesterday and couldn't get to sleep until well after midnight. Have I mentioned I hate the whole concept of setting our clocks ahead one hour thus losing my precious hour of sleep? I came prepared with my coffee AND a Red Bull.

My weekend was one of those pleasant weekends where you are just happy and comfortable. Had dinner at my parents since they are leaving for Boise to spend some time with one of my brothers. There are times when I spend time with my family and I think how lucky I am and this was one of those weekends. My dad was telling me a story about how he tried to fix my mom up with a friend of his because he didn't think he was worthy of my mom when they first started dating. He was telling me how smart and beautiful my mom was and of course all my mom heard - "WAS BEAUTIFUL"??!! So typical and that's why it made me laugh so much. I love hearing stories like this. The story ended with my mom telling my dad off for fixing her up and her telling him she didn't care what my father had or didn't have, it was him she wanted.

My father gave me a disk with a bunch of childhood pictures he converted from slides and I will share some later. When I look back at these pictures, I have to laugh and ask myself why my parents took so many pictures of me making faces or crying? Maybe that's all I did. Sometimes it's good to reconnect with your past. So many of these pictures I couldn't even remember. How could I forget the Grand Canyon? I guess it just didn't make that big an impression on me back then. This is why youth is wasted on the young.


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