Friday, March 20, 2009

Was Rocky a squirrel? I think I found his new gig.

Calm down, I'm right here H. I was on vacation from work, the blog, facebook and life in general. Red and I slept late, made love, ate out, went to the movies, shopped, played games and went to the park and were mugged by squirrels. I tell you these squirrels at Landa Park in New Braunfels got some mad skills when it comes to getting some food. They actually work in pairs and they tag team each other to get your attention. As we were walking down the sidewalk they are waiting for us right in the middle of the sidewalk with a look like "You better be bringing me some food to pass this way, bitch!". Not only do they harass you but they follow you down the path and I felt somewhat molested by them. So we are going back this weekend with food for them. I totally believe the Geico commercials now.

Oh yeah, and I was almost killed by a homeless woman and left for dead...naked and when I asked H for a favor this was his response by e-mail. (Because even though he is here, right down the hall, this is how we communicate all day.)

From: K*** *****
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2009 7:45 AM
To: H*** *********
Subject: RE:

Yes, she was just standing there looking around. When I asked her if she needed help she asked for money. Mercedes came over to apologize and said she thought she locked it. I guess people who aren't familiar with our door don't know they have to pull and lock. What if this homeless woman had killed me and stolen my clothes?? Oh lord.

Do me a favor and if I ever wind up dead here at the office, make sure I'm not found naked! That would just be the ultimate humiliation, never mind the whole dead thing just put some clothes on me.

H's response?

K, I don’t know that I can clothe your dead, limp, naked body. I will have to see how I feel when that happens.

This is some messed up shit.


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La Skeletor said...

You should keep an outfit ready in your office...just in case.