Friday, March 6, 2009

Unstable minds tend to ramble

Okay, so H is in Dallas at a conference and apparently bored. Yes, his blog entry made perfect sense, didn't it?? I miss him when he is not at work, he is my sounding board and stress reliever at work and it sucks when he's not here. He is even funny when he is grumpy, I hope he's wearing his new shirt.

I am here in SA, hard at work...okay at work. I don't have much to say except to gripe just a little about Facebook. I made a Facebook account recently and now am wondering if I should have. Is it just another way to get rejected by the masses? Have you ever "friended" someone and been ignored or rejected? Why do I search for people I haven't thought of in years yet get mad when I can't find them? I never did the MySpace thing so maybe I'm just out of touch.

There is a friend I really want to find and I can't find her anywhere. It has been over 20 years since we lost touch but people don't just vanish in to thin air. Where are you Camille? Why is it that people that you don't really want contact with are the ones to "friend" you?

Today my husband is coming to have lunch with me and I can't wait. He has been on a new shift at work and I haven't seen him all week so I miss him. It's not like we don't talk at least 5 times a day but I miss his face. You know what else I miss? His hugs. People just don't hug anymore and some days I just really need a hug.


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