Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The parent syndrome

so I said "Look, Marge, that's what the recipe calls for." Oh HI! Sometimes I like to start my blog like I'm right in the middle of a conversation with a good friend...only I'm not...and I don't know anyone named Marge.

My parents called me twice yesterday. Once was my dad who called to complain about the bus trip to Louisiana and how they are treated like children. He actually held the phone up and said "Can you hear that??!". They decided to go on a bus trip to Kinder to gamble some of my inheritance away and didn't enjoy the trip very much. As my dad was complaining I was thinking to myself "Lord, please don't let my parents be one of those old people who take bus trips all over the country with other senior citizens who wear socks with their sandals and matching shirts so they can find each other in a crowd". He passed the phone to my mom who wanted to make plans for Easter while the tour guide was yelling at everyone that he needed a head count.

I finally told her I would call her once she got home and we could make plans then. She signed off with "Laura (my brothers ex) just got to Boise to see C and he asked me for the engagement rings I was holding for him back, don't tell him I told you". This is how she ends most of what she tells me. I can only imagine what she tells my brothers about me. "K has fibroids and cysts, don't tell her I told you. - K's dog is real sick and might die, don't tell her I told you."

I adore my parents, I just don't want them to get old and be stereotypes, is that even possible?


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