Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ramblings of K to the Ugo

So today Miriam was wearing black pants with black pumps and WHITE TUBE SOCKS!!!! WTF??! Who wears dressy BLACK pants with dressy BLACK shoes and WHITE socks? Oh made my head spin and not in a good way. Fashion violations are plentiful here at work, I make a few of them myself but NEVER that one. Can I just say I hate fire drills? Especially when the alarm won't shut off 10 minutes after the drill is over and it drones on and on making my head split in two and the contents ooze out over my desk where I try to lay my head to keep from crying like a crazy street person.

I am so hungry, I just spent the last 10 minutes perusing the JIB website for pics of their food so I could anticipate what I was going to eat. Not many pics so it's a crap shoot on what it will look like once it gets here. What can I say? I'm big on visuals. I have no doubt that even though I wrote exactly what I wanted on a post it, Roman will still somehow fuck it up and I will have to beat him over the head with it. Perhaps this will improve my mood?

Still sick and dragging my ass to Friday but it's hard. My belief is I am high on cough drops since I'm on my third bag. Found out I am also a bad speller when I am feeling bad. Who knew?

My voice has crapped out and everyone else thinks it funny but I get frustrated not being able to get my point across that way I want to. I eventually shrug and say never mind, it's exhausting. I just drown my frustration in M&M's, Egg McMuffin's, Coke Zero, Nutter Butter's and Slim Jim's (this was just breakfast). No doubt I will be in a food coma after lunch (sirloin burger, curly fries and a choc shake!) and not be good to anyone. T kept asking me questions during the meeting and I kept saying "I don't know". These were hard questions like how to calculate the pre-tax saving on a flexible savings account! Geez! Ask the rep up at the front, that's why she is here. Damn T!!

Ugh...I'm so tired. Bob forgive me for being such a giver upper this week, I just can't make it. Oooooooooooo...(me slowly spiraling down to madness).


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