Monday, December 10, 2007


You know, I normally don't rant about commercials for the reason that they are commercials.  They are targeting a specific audience.  If you are offended, don't understand, or hate them then they are probably not targeting you!  

That being said, I really tend to agree with K on this one.  She is walking around with no pants and the guy is laying around with no shirt.  AND their kid is mulato!  I think this is the whole Brangelina influence at its worst.  Two good looking white parents with the little dark skinned baby they saved from Mumbazarwaristein. 

I'm not racist, I'm not getting all white supremacy on you.  I just don't need Old Navy to force this story line of an adoption on me in a 15 second spot.  

If anyone else has to do the sweater and underwear combination they need to do it like this:

Isn't this just better?!
My humble opinion.


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