Friday, December 28, 2007

Dinner and a show

My husband showed up at my office to take me to lunch yesterday and we ended up at a place that is very popular here in SA. I won't mention it by name but it is always crowded and their specialty is fried food. While it was quite busy we were able to get a seat at the counter where apparently all the action happens. This is the kind of place where all the waitresses are yelling out their orders and address every female with "mama", as in "Here's your order, mama", "You want more soda, mama", you get the general idea. (general idea)

The "Head Mama in Charge" was just standing around watching her waitresses run around like crazy with a surly look on her face so you knew trouble was gonna go down. Big Red and I had the prime seat for the main event - it started right at the end of our meal. It was quite funny and we couldn't help but be mesmerized by this heated discussion and I have to hand it to the other workers there who just kept right on working. Maybe this is a daily thing? It ended with the waitress yelling at her manager "JUST FIRE ME ALREADY, I DON'T CARE!" The manager pushed her in to the back office to continue the argument, much to my disappointment. We postponed leaving, hoping a body would come flying out of the kitchen, but no such luck. Who knew with lunch we were going to get a show? This may make me return on a more consistent basis just for kicks.

Side note: This place is not for dieters but one found their way in and sat right next to me. She ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad and NO FRIES! (She repeated this several times) While she ate her diet platter, my huge fried chicken sandwich with onion rings arrived and I dug in like a woman in lust. I could actually feel the loathing emanating from her hefty bulk and I looked over and smiled. I think she wanted to smack me but she was a lady after all, and held herself in check while I slathered on my mayo and ate with a child's delight. We ate the leftovers last night for dinner but without the ringside seats, it just wasn't quite the same.


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