Friday, April 3, 2009

Look, I had to actually live these moments, the least you can do is look at it!

I would like you to guess which child I am. Yes, the crying child would be correct. I have no idea why I was crying or why my parents thought this should be a moment to capture for prosperity but I have to wonder why my cousins are smiling so big. You know they did something to make me cry. Look how my cousin Sharon is looking at me out of the side of her eyes...childhood can be so cruel can't it?
Well I do declare, who is this darling young girl with the parasol? Just how precious am I posing by the lake, looking at the beautiful swans. My mom must have worked like mad to get this picture. All I ask is why?

Please allow me to preface this statement with it was the 1970's; in case you couldn't tell. There are so many funny things in this picture. For instance, who is the man in the blue jacket taking our picture? Why is my dad doing his best impression of Burt Reynolds with his white pants and jacket thrown, oh so casually, over his right shoulder? Why is my brother holding up our dog like that and doesn't Pepe (I didn't name him!) look like he would rather be anywhere but there? Don't you love my mom's Mary Tyler Moore bouffant flip hairdo? I loved that dog I was holding, his name was Sambo. Yes, I do know that today that would be very politically incorrect.

May I just ask why my mom didn't feel it necessary to put clothes on me for this picture? Were they all in the laundry? Thank goodness I had my long ponytails covering up my itty bitty lady bits. This picture is so retro and I do believe whoever took this picture had some sort of problems with knowing how to center a photo, unless they were trying to get a picture of the couch and we just happened to get in the way. I also love the painting of my brother and I up on the wall. The best thing in the picture is the obligatory wooden utensils hanging on the wall behind us. Every house in the 1960-1970's was required to have them. How I love my mom's smile, she's such a beauty.


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