Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do what?

So this morning I'm talking to my boss who has other employees, *** (don't want to use her name) who is responsible for all our special events here at work. Kind of important job since we rely on these special events for our unrestricted money. I would assume we are all hired based on our ability to do our jobs somewhat competently. So imagine my surprise when *** complained to my boss that this particular special event was a lot of work to put together. My bosses reaction?

"*** doesn't want to work that hard and frankly I don't blame her."

Really? Who do you blame then? I totally blame her because doesn't *** get paid to work that hard? I realize *** is rich and doesn't need the money but then don't work for a living if you don't want to work hard! I hope she has that reaction next time I tell her I don't feel like doing payroll.


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