Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fiesta over and out

After 9 years of living in San Antonio, we finally attended our first Fiesta and it was so much fun. Here we are at the King Williams Fair enjoying the food and fun, Big Red was taking the picture. Michelle's smile cracks me up. I posted these pictures on my Facebook and she commented that she looks like she has to pee. She did drink many beers so maybe she did.

Here we are the night of Cornyation waiting for the valet to bring the car. I don't know why these pictures are so tiny, Little gay R took them and he is somewhat tiny.

We were up in the balcony for the event and the seats were a tight fit. Our knees were right up against the railing. Okay maybe it wasn't that tight and H and I are just fat. Monkey Boy and Little Gay R look very comfortable.

Okay, is it just me or are these the ugliest Queens you have ever seen? They are downright fugly and just a little frightening. The funniest part is Monkey Boy knows the purple queen on the end. Notice how I rather take the picture than be in it?
Since my Fiesta cherry was broken this year I plan to do more events next year because I had so much fun. No wonder people take the whole week off for Fiesta! I finally get it...9 years later.

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