Friday, April 17, 2009

I do what I can

Part of my job here at work is payroll. You would think people would be anxious to turn in a time sheet to get paid, but not here. I always have to nag at certain individuals to get them to turn one in so I try to come up with creative e-mails to grab their attention. Here was my latest attempt:

Ode to a time sheet
I'm a little time sheet
short and sweet
If you want to get paid
K I must meet

If I don't get turned in
it won't even be funny
Because you'll be crying
over having no money

So if you want to see magic
and have someone to thank
Watch K* turn me from a time sheet
in to ca$h money in your bank

So hurry and don't delay
this offer expires by nine
Rush me right over
and everything will be just fine


My first e-mail response from Teresa?

Getting paid for working 40 hours a week….great! Getting a time sheet ode from K…..PRICELESS!!!!!!

Teresa gets me but I'm not so sure the rest of this crowd appreciates my creativity. So much wasted talent here in my office, what am I doing here?


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