Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just a leisurely stroll through the park

Big Red and I decided to get up and take a walk in the park today. We ended up at Central Market picking up brunch and heading over to Brackenridge Park. It was beautiful this morning, cool and clear. We ate fruit salad and turkey sandwiches under the trees and then fed some old hamburger buns to the ducks. We then walked up to the Japanese Sunken Gardens and they are beautiful, who knew they were even there? But the stairs...yeesh just about killed me and I've had jelly legs since this morning, but what a great workout.

We ended up coming home and making slow and easy love and that was awesome! But the best part was my husband turning to me at a red light on the way home and saying "I find myself falling in love with you all over again". I know, go ahead...this is an awwwwwww moment. He doesn't even know it but he is so getting lucky again this afternoon and tonight!! I'm giddy.


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