Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's HOT in here!

Ok, so we moved into a new home nearly 18 months ago. Yea, like a year and a half. So we put in new ceiling fans to keep us cool. So far so good. The fans in the living room, and the other bedrooms work very well. It is really cold in there. Sometimes we have to turn them down or even off.

The one in our bedroom never felt like that. It blew some air but never really felt like it was on high. So about 6 months into being in our home I asked Money Butt to make sure it was spinning the right way. He used his long monkey arms to check it out. He said he couldn't find a switch. I told him there has to be one. He said he would check later but he never did. He was certain that there was nothing up there to switch and insisted it was turning the right way.

Ok, forward one year later. It is like a 124 degrees outside and I told him I was sure the ceiling fan wasn't working right. Again, he jumped on the bed and used his monkey arms to feel around on top of the fan. Sooooooo, he found the fucking switch this time because I made him really feel around. I turned it on and it nearly knocked me off the bed. It was like Hurricane Katrina blowing from our ceiling. This morning I was even wind burned. (I wanted to type win burned because that sounds right to me)!

OMFG! We laughed so hard for a very long time. I don't know if it is the meds but I couldn't stop laughing. For a fucking year and a half we were hot in our bedroom at night. Fucking dumbasses. Then we had sex.

This pic is what R looked like last night.
Colton Ford...seriously look him up!!!!

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