Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How come I can't be in on it?

Would you trust this person?

Here's what went down:

Little Gay R asked us why he can't be in on our blog. I explained that we had tried it once and I wasn't really satisfied with the whole experience. It's like having a threesome and leaving asking yourself why you did that because you didn't have a real orgasm. Well that's LGR in a nutshell, he's a fake orgasm.

I find him pretty draining most times so why would I want him in on our blog? He's a fun sucker, he sucks all the fun out of things when you have to explain everything to him. Besides, how could we write shit like this and expect him to understand? For me, most people fall in to two categories - those who drain me and those who fuel me. LGR is a drainer and I just don't have that much energy to go around.

We're in a recession, Puta! (heard secondhand through H)


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