Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow, when did hell freeze over? If H wrote, hell must be a frozen tundra. I didn't even know H was still around, I heard he got a bus to gaytown and never looked back.

Today as I left work there was a beautiful crescent moon in the sky... a sign of good things to come. Today is Inauguration Day and I couldn't not, no wait that would be a double negative - could not be happier or more hopeful. I know we are in for a long struggle but at least help is on the way. I have faith and will remain optimistic. I wonder if this is how people felt when Bush took office? 6 months from now will I be the glass half empty girl? Sigh...I can't change my spots.

Big Red and I went out and bought Wii this weekend. I know, I know...I told H that Red and I are children with a bank account. Red finally hooked it up yesterday and what do you think I did from 5 to 9? I wasted 4 hours of my life playing a game and I loved it! We also bought Wii fit, did we hook that up yet? No. But I did go the gym yesterday and finally got back on the horse.
Okay, I have to go get some work done because I will be wasting most of my day watching President Obama take office on my computer. Well he won't be taking office "on" my computer but you know what I mean. I thought about calling out so I could witness this historic day but one: I don't have children to share it with so I would just be sitting in an old folks home some day spouting off about this day and all the other old people would be like "Shut up!" and H would turn to me and say "We all saw the dang blasted thing you old hag!". Two: I think I would just end up playing Wii all day and end up missing the whole shebang and I'm not sure I could live with myself if I really did end up playing Wii all day. I'd be too ashamed to admit it to anyone except H and Red. Even then that is really pushing it.

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