Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's not like I'm keeping count or anything...

but H has not written in this blog since October. So like a typical woman, I carry the burden of keeping this thing going while H twiddles his thumbs and yanks his chain. He had a two week vacation where he readily admitted that he did absolutely nothing but couldn't so much as write one thing in this blog that was his idea in the first place. He's such a bitch.

I had to read back to the last time I was feeling sick and it was March 2008. Every year I am blessed with the sickness. I have had both the flu and pneumonia shot yet here I am congested with a sore throat and feeling like dog shit. I blame Big Red. He was sick last week and I wouldn't let him kiss me or hold my hand because I did not want to get sick. He told me he was all better so we kissed and BAM! Here I am feeling sick. Did I feel bad waking him up at 5:15 yesterday morning to tell him that because he was a huge liar I was now sick? HELL NO! He's such a bitch.

Let's just get this out here as well...I took a little tumble at the movie theatre last week because we walked in late and I couldn't see the stairs when the screen went dark during a scene. I'm glad H and Edgar laughed so hard they had to hold their stomachs when I told them the story yesterday. I'm glad my pain and humiliation was folly for my friends so early in this new year. I'm glad they were so concerned about my safety that when Edgar asked me if I hurt myself and I said yes, he laughed even harder. He's such a bitch.

I sense a theme running through this blog. When I feel sick, I'm such a bitch. (Said in my whinniest voice in a spanish accent that ends on a high note)


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