Monday, January 26, 2009

My usual Monday random post

It's Monday morning and I am currently on my first McDonald's coffee of the day. I know, you would think I am advertising McDonald's or Wii on this blog. Trust me if I could make some money this way, I would. Being an anal accountant I broke down my daily coffee intake and realized that I could save $390 a year if I just drank coffee at home. I hate being an over-analyzer; it brings me down sometimes. But we did buy a $200 Senseo coffee maker and yet I go out for coffee?

The weekend as usual was too short. While we did Wii this weekend, Red and I also managed to do the domestic tasks we never manage to get around to during the week. Laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, sex....I miss seeing my husband when he is on this shift. Girl got to get it where she can.

So we went to Costco to stock up and there was a Smart Car in the parking lot. I laughed and wondered, not for the first time, how much can you fit in to this car? I mean if the driver brought a friend, where would all the stuff go? You can't go to Costco and get one little thing, at least I can't. We thought about sitting and waiting to see but we had stuff to do!

I may have to take a break from the Wii, I woke up with tennis elbow. My right arm is a little achy and weak but damn if it wasn't fun. I laughed so hard that I couldn't catch my breath. My husband was hysterical when we played tennis doubles and now I am addicted to the Wii sports. We laughed and played so hard that the minute we won, we ran around the couch with our arms in the air and then ran to the bedroom and had victory sex. See?! I am getting a workout from Wii!


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